• Wind blowing on flowers

    Dystonia is a ugly affliction that can really mess someone life up. If you have a problem that’s not going away read on. The purpose of this article is to give the millions of people living with a lousy diagnosis some hope. The hope is there is someone, normally you, who can help your situation […]

  • 45 life lessons worth learning

    There are some real sit down and think about it lines in here. One of the many things my job has taught me is; some days suck. For some of those days this list can help. Written By Regina Brett.(editing by Ward) 1. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good. 2. When in doubt, just […]

  • Boats for Hope

    This weekend our crew of 12 kids and 6 bigger kids (adults) spent hours and hours turning a normal sail boat into a Pirate Boat. So around 200 kids who are ‘handy-capable’ could come in converted power boats to marauding Pirate boats and steal our treasure. It was all part of the annual Variety Club […]

  • Wait till they are thirty.

    When your children are thirty talk (read complain) to them about how tough your childhood was. You will likely get an interesting feedback from your kids, like “well you did that to us.” You will sit there with your mouth open saying something like, “but you don’t understand I had this, that and those reasons.” […]

  • Keeping on Keeping on

    The dental implant went okay, but the skin graft donor site. Well that did not go so well and I ended up getting some medical intervention. There I was feeling sorry for my self, I had just started chewing again (previous to that it was all liquid) and things where looking perfect and bang it […]