Lessons from the wises

I have a couple of book reviews from one author.

30 Lessons for Living by Karl Pillemer

Worth a read: the short notes are he interviewed 1000 seniors and asked them some questions and this is some of what they had to say.

Relationships: Marry someone a lot like you. Friendship is as important as romantic love. Don’t keep score in a relationship. Talk to each other. Don’t just commit to your partner – commit to the marriage itself.

Careers: Choose a career for the intrinsic rewards, not just the money. Don’t give up on looking for a job that makes you happy. Make the most of a bad job. Emotional intelligence trumps every other kind. Everyone needs autonomy.

Parenting: It’s all about time. Spend more with them. It’s normal to have favorites, but never show it. Don’t hit your kids. Avoid a rift at all costs. Take a lifelong view of relationships with children.

Aging: Being old is much better than you think. Act now like you will need your body for a hundred years. Don’t worry about dying-the experts don’t. Stay connected. Plan ahead about where you will live.

Living without regrets: Time is of the essence. Happiness is a choice, not a condition. Time spent worrying is time wasted. Think small, enjoy simple daily pleasures. Have faith, how and what you worship is up to you.

He wrote another book called: “30 Lessons for Loving” and it is so good, I bought a copy to give to my daughter one day.

There are so many good points in this book it’s just easier if you go buy it. It’s great if a person is looking for a partner, has a partner or is thinking of leaving their partner. It has fantastic points on how to choose a partner, keep them, be kept by them, raise kids….

I have read my share of relationship books but I so far have only bought and kept “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, “Mars and Venus in the bedroom”, “Hold me tight”, “Are you the one for me” and this book. I may have a few others on the shelf but if you read that list you’ll be on your way to a happy relationship.

One of my teachers had a talk with me once. I told him I had no intention of getting married. I thought after seeing my parents divorce it would be a lot easier to stay single. He explained to me that is a okay choice but my life will never evolve. I will never have to grow and adapt and become more. I will never know the height of pleasures and certainly some deeper moments of concern. It will be like living with 8 colors to paint with, while more challenging is being married and more challenging is having children. But, it will be like painting with a million colors.

I had a few relationship failures. When I fail I go to the bookstore and get six books on the subject read them and see how it goes. I am sure glad I did.

Be Well,
Ward Willison
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