• Keeping on Keeping on

    The dental implant went okay, but the skin graft donor site. Well that did not go so well and I ended up getting some medical intervention. There I was feeling sorry for my self, I had just started chewing again (previous to that it was all liquid) and things where looking perfect and bang it […]

  • The Power of Downtime

    Know any workaholics? Likely you can look in the mirror and there you are. If not you can read on to find out a bit about the inner working of one. For many of us we no longer go out into the wilds and kill supper, drag it back to the shack and cook it […]

  • Kids getting ‘pinned’

    Had a great week at work. I treated several children and one 6 year old girl wanted to get pinned, just like her 8 year old brother. I said sure. The youngest client I ever had was 6 weeks old. She had a very bad case of ‘colic’ and all attempts had not worked so […]

  • Tools in the tool box.

    There are never enough tools in a persons tool box. Ask any man. In the CAM business it is somewhat like that also. When I first started in 1996 I was taking two courses a month for several years. I pounded so much new information into my head I thought it would explode some days. […]

  • Hip replacement, NO WAY!

    I love to do martial arts and one evening doing jumping turning kicks my hip hurt. It hurt for a long time, so finally I got an x-ray and here’s what it said. “There is moderate interosseous narrowing involving the left hip with subchondral sclerosis and marginal spurs indicative of moderately advanced OA.” By the […]

  • Rubik’s Cube

    If you know how to do a Rubik’s Cube then it’s easy, but if you don’t well then you may have a problem. You can always rip apart the thing and pop the pieces back into the correct order, or even peel off the stickers and make it look like you did it correctly. The […]

  • You are not what you eat!

    You are not what you eat   By Van Clayton Powel Overall – A basic book on how to eat. I have been beating this drum forever. If your digestion, bowels or energy is not what you want this may be a good book to start with. Available at your local library or bookstore. Main message […]

  • Loss of a friend

    I started in Complementary & Alternative Therapies (CAM) in 1996 with a cowboy and his partner. We worked the rodeo circuit in Alberta. Putting real cowboy’s back together after they fell off a horse or got stepped on by a bull. I did two six month stints with them and got tired of all the […]

  • Let the blogs begin!

    This is my venue to put out my thoughts on several topics. Most of the time it will be related to health but today it is about thanks. I want to thank the people that got me this beautiful web-site. I am great at acupuncture and Oriental Medicine but web-sites, facebook, LinkedIn and all of […]