• Kids getting ‘pinned’

    Had a great week at work. I treated several children and one 6 year old girl wanted to get pinned, just like her 8 year old brother. I said sure.

    The youngest client I ever had was 6 weeks old. She had a very bad case of ‘colic’ and all attempts had not worked so the whole family showed up to see what I could do. The baby was sleeping and the treatment called for me to put 4 needles into each hand, one between each knuckle.

    I could feel the tension of the parents, especially the Grandmother, I was convinced she would KILL me if that kid cried. But as some of us know children have a fantastic pain tolerance and done well acupuncture is normally painless.

    With Grandma clutching her purse ready to hit me I inserted the first pin, the baby gurgled a bit and stayed asleep. The sighs of relief from the family was fairly amusing.

    I know most of us are sure acupuncture will hurt a lot and depending on who does it to you, you may be correct. At last count I have put in about 1.2 million needles and so far so good.

    Of course the clinic has many ‘non-needle’ treatments for people that are not able to overcome the fear and sometimes acupuncture is not the way to go.

    But it sure is neat to see a little girl come in and ask for it, then fall asleep and once the treatment is over say to her mom how great she feels. That’s a good week at work.

    Thank you for reading,
    Be Well,
    Ward Willison

  • Tools in the tool box.

    There are never enough tools in a persons tool box. Ask any man. In the CAM business it is somewhat like that also.

    When I first started in 1996 I was taking two courses a month for several years. I pounded so much new information into my head I thought it would explode some days. But each new course seemed to be the one that would solve a frozen shoulder, and the next would get rid of allergy’s and the next….it never ends

    Heather has taken up tuning forks for working on people. My teacher started using them about 4 years ago and loves them.

    My only experience with them was at a course in Langley in 1996. I went early to get a ‘balance’ from the teacher to see if I thought she was any good, (like I would have know back then). She had these big tuning forks and I asked what they where for. I laughed when she told me. So she took two of them, I laid down on the table and she ‘rang’ them and touched them to my stomach. I SWEAR it felt like someone put their hand inside my abdomen and massaged my insides.

    In all the years I have been doing this it still is one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me. To top it off my stomach never felt better after that.

    Come on down and let Heather give that a try on you, she does not have that specific set of forks but I am sure you will enjoy some sound vibration.

    thank you for reading
    Be Well
    Ward Willison

  • Hip replacement, NO WAY!

    I love to do martial arts and one evening doing jumping turning kicks my hip hurt. It hurt for a long time, so finally I got an x-ray and here’s what it said.

    “There is moderate interosseous narrowing involving the left hip with subchondral sclerosis and marginal spurs indicative of moderately advanced OA.” By the look on my GP’s face, I thought he was going to tell me I had terminal cancer.

    I had the x-ray re-read from a friend in a hospital and he informed me I had 10-12 bone spurs around my socket and it was a mess. Some friend…

    Off I went on my journey of research and asking around for what people thought. I have always said you can rebuild a lot of things. I had treated this sort of thing at work several times but no one would stick around long enough to really get it better. I did a lot of work on the hip and several others helped me also.

    A few weeks ago I got up the courage to get another x-ray and here’s what it said:
    “There is moderate OA within the left hip joint. no other bone or joint abnormality is noted.” I have a new GP for this one and he was quite impressed upon reading the first x-ray report. I was relieved.

    Getting rid of a bunch of bone spurs and improving from advanced to moderate OA is a big deal. I am confident my joint will recover to “normal” in the next couple of years.

    It was a lot of work and commitment to recovery but it shows what can be done if one is dedicated to getting well.

    If you would like to know more about how I did it, or do it for yourself give me a call.

    thank you for reading,
    Ward Willison

  • Rubik’s Cube

    If you know how to do a Rubik’s Cube then it’s easy, but if you don’t well then you may have a problem. You can always rip apart the thing and pop the pieces back into the correct order, or even peel off the stickers and make it look like you did it correctly.

    The applications to your life is very important!

    Every day I have someone that comes to me with a problem they are un-trained to deal with. Meaning they don’t got a clue what to do. But instead of recognizing that they just plow ahead and it normally does not go that well.

    The first step is to recognize you are not getting it done or even going backwards. Then take a deep breath, you are not a complete looser. If you where good at whatever the problem was you would have it done. Therefore you need a little help.

    If you want to get Rubik cube help go here www.rubiks.com if you have a life problem then realize it and get some instruction.

    With the advent of the internet you literally type in your problem and see what comes up, it could be a website, a book title, a course, a phone number of and expert, etc.

    Many of us just rip our lives all apart and shove the pieces back together when that does not work. I encourage you to learn and practice a gentler way.

    Life is a continuous journey, requiring continuous change, adaptation and learning. The sooner you get used to that the easier life can become.

    For help with ‘learning’ or any other health challenge give me a call.

    thank you for reading,
    Be Well,
    Ward Willison

  • You are not what you eat!

    You are not what you eat   By Van Clayton Powel

    Overall – A basic book on how to eat. I have been beating this drum forever. If your digestion, bowels or energy is not what you want this may be a good book to start with. Available at your local library or bookstore.

    Main message of the book –
    – No fluids 30 min before a meal. ½ cup of water with a meal. No fluids for 1 hour after a meal. All fluids room temp.
    – chew each bite 30 times.
    – eat a meal and wait at least 2-3 hours before eating anything else. Ie. No grazing.
    – When you eat don’t watch TV, read, argue, run around. Just sit down and visit.
    – do not exercise 1-2 hours after a meal.
    – eat breakfast every day of your life. Do not eat after 7pm.
    – have at least one bowel movement a day. If you don’t get help so you do.

    Cool quotes:
    “in the 1950’s the average American homemaker spent 2.5 hours shopping for and preparing dinner. By 1996 this had decreased to 15 minutes.”

    “By the year 2000 Americans were eating 80% of their restaurant meals in fast food outlets. The average amount of time they spent there? 11 minutes.” (that’s bad)

    “Of a group of 32 men who were forced to do hard labour in one German concentration camp during WW II, only three survived. One of the survivors wrote the three survived by religiously chewing each mouthful of their meager rations 150 times or more.”  (it gets more nutrition out of the food)

    “It’s now possible to detect over 600 chemicals in our bodies that were not present in any human being before the early 1900’s” (that’s bad also)

    If you would like any information on these points, or help in attaining them just give us a call.

    Thank you for reading,
    Be Well,
    Ward Willison

  • Loss of a friend

    I started in Complementary & Alternative Therapies (CAM) in 1996 with a cowboy and his partner. We worked the rodeo circuit in Alberta. Putting real cowboy’s back together after they fell off a horse or got stepped on by a bull.

    I did two six month stints with them and got tired of all the travel. I asked if they knew someone in Kelowna and that’s how I met my second teacher. Let’s call him Jon.

    I spent the next 3-4 years working and learning from him. We spent hundreds and hundreds of hours together traveling to clinics and working on people. I took several courses from him and watched him work with hundreds of people and groups of people.

    I have often told people he was the best I had ever seen run a group session of people. His ability to work with people’s emotions was incredible. He helped thousand and thousands of people.

    Last weekend he died, not of old age.

    It is an amazingly common thing. Ever since I started working in CAM I have noticed how many fantastic healers are not that healthy. I have seen so many go early.

    I think two things contribute to it. One is to be really good at CAM you have to look at things differently than most people and that requires some sort of trauma. There is nothing like a big trauma to wake someone up and change them forever. The other is at some point they starts to believe their own BS (Beautiful Statements).

    When a person starts to believe their own BS their life will go downhill. They start to ignore parts of their lives that need attention. They stop going to other natural healers, or working out, or eating what they should or doing what they should for their own health requirements. Because remember they likely have had some trauma that would demolish most of us. Meaning they got their own problems that need looking after, and when they don’t it can go really bad.

    I have my ideas about what happened to my friend, Jon. We sort of separated a few years ago, loosing touch with each other. He has always been in my thoughts and in my treatments to my clients. I still regard him as one of the very best at his slice of the health pie.

    How does this apply to you and me? Well if you are believing your own BS it is time to go see someone. Your GP, shrink, counselor, friend, Acupuncture guy, chiro, physio, massage, personal trainer, someone….

    It is much easier to stay healthy than to get healthy. If you are not getting results where you are, MOVE to someone else. If your practitioner says it will take a year or two it is definitely time to get another opinion. Or if they say come 2-3 times a week for months, it is also time to reach out and get another opinion.

    We lost a great man who had a very difficult life and still contributed immensely to many lives, mine is one of them. I will cherish the good memories I have of him.

    Thank you for reading,
    Be Well,
    Ward Willison

  • Let the blogs begin!

    This is my venue to put out my thoughts on several topics.
    Most of the time it will be related to health but today it is about thanks. I want to thank the people that got me this beautiful web-site. I am great at acupuncture and Oriental Medicine but web-sites, facebook, LinkedIn and all of that stuff is out of my scope. Luckily I have a brother who built this site and I think it is great. My friends at http://www.makbiz.ca have done an immense job of pushing, prodding and carrying me into the 20th century of how to run a business. Soon they will get me into the 21st century, and I thank them also for that. I am also grateful to the wonderful people that have entered our clinic over the years. Trusting All Body Care with their health.

    When I started in 1996 I never looked forward to what I expected. I just was so interested in how Natural Therapies got me well. I wanted to take every course, train with every expert and read all the books. Amazingly to me I still feel the same way today.

    I imagine over the years to come I will cover all kinds of topics, if you would like me to write on something just send me an email and I will get to it.

    Thanks to you all.