• Food tests

    Well Food Sensitivity tests (IgG) hit the news recently. May have been a slow news day, may have been someone trying to stop thousands of people from loosing their minds over what they can or can not eat. note * I am not a fan of IgG tests. That is just my opinion. Restricting certain […]

  • The power of slowing down

    I occasionally get to treat someone from a far off place. Sometimes I have even been there. We will start talking about how life is in their country. Then I will start to remember how I was there compared to here. We really go with our hair straight back in this country, well I normally […]

  • Synvisc related to natural therapies

    A person has no cartilage left in their knee and it hurts. The doctor says you need $400 injections of Synvisc it’s magic. You may ask “hey Doc any other more natural approaches?”  Well there is the combs of roosters. You say “WHAT!!!” Yeah you know the red funny looking thing on the top of a […]

  • Long term medication

    Recently I have been working with some older people who have very strange problems. I had the opportunity to speak with one’s GP, which I thought was very progressive for the GP. I mentioned the person was on blood pressure medication for 40 years and could that affect this situation. He thought it could. Now […]

  • Making the medicine go down

    Ever tried to get a little person to swallow medicine? It can be impossible. Here is a solution developed by a pediatric psychologist, I just heard on the radio. It’s brilliant! Three parts and a few ‘advanced’ ideas at the end. 1. Have them suck on a ice cube, frozen fruit or a popsicle. It […]

  • Spring to it

    Ah early spring, really early spring it seems. We have little flowers in the yard, well until the deer ate them last night. The golf courses are going, runners abound, it’s the magical time when we ski in the morning and rush down for a quick round of golf. But wait what happens the next […]

  • Yuma AZ and snowbirds

    Did a winter vacation to see my dad, he snowbirds down in Yuma Az. it’s on the boarder of Arizona, California and Mexico. There is about 100,000 snowbirds that go there for the winter/spring. Let’s just say the average age is north or 75. It is flat, dry and is the sunniest town in the […]

  • Sparkilng good time

    I just got back from a weekend at Sparkling Hills Health Resort, it was nice. It is a “European Spa experience”. Basically 8-9 different steam rooms, some really nice pools, hot tub, gym, tea room, library room and a silent room, with a beautiful hotel built around it. We arrived at night and did not […]

  • Tai Chi for health

    I have been doing Tai Chi, which is basically a line dance from China, since 1999. I started because I have heard  it is good for you. About a month ago I started to understand it in a whole new way. My original teacher, James, started teaching again and I started going to regular classes […]