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The Short Story of Ward Willison’s Life:

When I was young and growing up in Kelowna, I was a skinny kid who got hurt a lot doing what boy’s used to be allowed to do. I got my first big injury at age 16. The GP said I would never be able to lift my arm above my head again. The physio said differently; it took 6 months but it works just fine. Since that time I have had doctors and specialists say all kinds of things about me that have not come true. However I still go to them on occasion and listen to them carefully because they did save my life once.

It was an Educational Kinesiologist and two “housewife’s” at a lunch break in my first ‘alternative’ therapy course that changed everything. I was hit by a car in 1991 and it really injured me. I spent the next 5+ years in 24 hour-a-day pain… Unless I took a lot of medication, which sometimes I did. I went to 4 spinal specialists, several doctors, had dozens of x-rays, two cancelled surgeries, hundreds and hundreds of Chiro, Physio and Massage treatments and a wheelbarrow of medication.

Those three people in a conference room in Salmon Arm took all my pain away in about three minutes. I will spend the rest of my life working on doing the same for others.

Education: There is not enough space to list all the books, courses and people I have trained with, I read about 30-40 books a year, and countless articles and research papers. I spend 100-200 hours a year in personal training and likely take a course a month. Education is weightless but only as useful as what can be recalled and used appropriately. Below is a list before 2016.

The biggest and most important reason my clinic All Body Care gets results is the education and love I have received from my teacher, Elisabeth Pazdzerski. The successes I have I credit to remembering what she told me, and when it does not work I take the blame for not remembering what she has told me.

I will forever be grateful for her kindness in teaching me. She has spent over 40 years working with some of the most difficult medical cases you can imagine.

  • Mentor: Elisabeth Pazdzerski R.Ac 2003-present
  • Western Canadian Institute of T.C.M. 2000
  • CMSTC Internship 1998-2003
  • Kinesiology internship 1996-97
  • Red seal Chef (apprenticeship) BCIT, SAIT

Courses Ward has Attended

This is not a complete list… it would be too long to list every course I have attended – I am passionate about learning and take every opportunity I can to attend courses and workshops.

  • Acupuncture Sports Medicine, W Reaves
  • Advanced Facial Acupuncture, ME Wakefield
  • Herbal Prescriptions, Bob Doane
  • Diagnosis, Jimmy Chang
  • Spinal Assessment and tx, Stuart McGill
  • Body-Mind Mapping in TCM, Giovanni Maciocia
  • Voice Rehab, ML Iceton
  • Applications of Pulse diagnosis, Will Morris
  • 2011 COMS, 3 day symposium
  • Gestational care and support, David Bray
  • Bridges to Change, Inside Out Leadership
  • The Turning Point, Marshall Silver
  • Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation, ME Wakefield
  • Micro Alignment therapy, B James
  • Attracting the life you want, JA Ray
  • TX of Mental Emotional Illness, G Maciocia
  • 2008 COMS
  • Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman.
  • Mastery of Self Expression,
  • 2004, 2005, 2006 COMS
  • MOSHOG, Peak Potentials
  • Train the trainer 1&2, Peak Potentials
  • Life Directions, Peak Potentials
  • Enlightened Warrior Training, Peak Potentials
  • Wizard Training Camp, Peak Potentials
  • Millionaire Mind Intensive, Peak Potentials
  • Koryo Hand Therapy, D Lobash
  • Grief Recovery Outreach Program, C Jantzen
  • Tongue Diagnosis, G Maciocia
  • Pain Relief with Moxa, HL Wolfe
  • Jingluo system, MT CHau
  • TFH Compendium, John Thie
  • Bowen Therapy, OZ
  • TFH III, K McCarthy
  • Berry’s Body Management, A Berry
  • TFH I-II, B Haraga
  • IFA, St John Ambulance
  • Brain Gym, C Knibbs
  • Wellness Kinesiology, W Topping
  • IFIC, CND govt

I started Martial Arts training at age 12, mostly Traditional Wing Chung and Taoist Tai chi. Then I spent several years with Aikido, TKD (ITF), Chito-ryu karate, some boxing and wrestling. I give my respect to all of my teachers over the last 30+years as I feel the training in Martial Arts has given me most of my life successes.

I have taken many sailing courses and now teach a few with Canadian Power Squadron.

Travel: I left Canada in 1988 and returned full time in 2000, in that time I traveled to 50 different countries.

Books: I had the good fortune to stumble upon a speed reading course at age 16, now I have done 5 different courses. The best is “Photoreading”. I have read well over 1000 books and continue to read a lot of books in my field, sailing, health and finance.

Hobbies: My big hobby these days is sailing, if you have a boat and need someone to sail it around for you just call. Also Spanish guitar, reading and staying well!

Heather Willison

Heather spent 9 years as a Registered Massage Therapist before retiring to be a mom. Returning to work she spends her time doing tuning fork treatments, cupping, Reiki and some Touch For Health treatments. Otherwise she is running the office and giving the worlds best hugs.

Heather has also taken a lot of personal development courses, has a degree as a Dietary Tech and managed large food service operation. Having spent the last 29 years in the health business she brings a lot of experience and compassion to the clinic.