• Daddy Daughter Day

    Last summer I took Mondays off to spend them with my daughter. This year I am trying Fridays. Running my own business it’s tough to take a day off. Many things from a work perspective don’t get done.

    However as all the parents say, “good for you Ward”.  Which is very nice of them.

    It is amazing how quickly my daughter seems to be growing up. On a recent trip we where doing a ‘rope’s course’. We are 60 feet up in the trees climbing and zipping from tree to tree and she wants to go first. We thought wow, two years ago when we did this she was shaking she was so scared, and now she’s leading the way. (and we where shaking…)

    We plan something every Friday and just the two of us go do it. Sometimes it is all fun and sometimes there is work involved with the yard or other jobs. We seem to like it and we seem to get to know other aspects of each other.

    I am fortunate I can take the day off and do this with her, as at the moment she is still excited to spend the day with me. Hopefully that will last for a few more years at least.

    I have read quite a few parenting books, none have many answers. Several have good ideas. I find that the more time I spend with her the more she trains me on what to do.