• Marine safety

    I had the great pleasure to teach a Marine Radio course this weekend with my Kelowna Power Squadron friends Clark and Howard. I lived on a ship for 6+ years in that time I did over 500,000 nautical miles (it’s a lot) and I have been lucky to sail quite a bit in the Caribbean […]

  • Sun lotion

    Recently there has been a lot of talk of children being chemically burned by sun lotion. It looks terrible and it must hurt those little people a lot, but what is it doing on them? A few years ago I did a TV interview for sun lotion and learned all about the history and ingredients […]

  • Are your senior parents lying to you?

    Yep. My University friend did a study that made the National news that shows seniors are not being honest about their state of health. I could have told you that without any study. Heck I can tell you, that you are likely not being honest about your health if someone asks either. Seniors are wildly […]

  • Calming with Temple Grandin

    Do you know who Temple Grandin is? She is a PhD. who has changed the cattle industry and Autism. She is a Autistic lady that grew up in the 60’s with a mom that would not put her in an institution (nut house). Instead she went to school and kept on going. There is a […]

  • Learning from Masters

    In North America we banter around the word “Master”. In Asia it is reserved for someone that really has it figured out. Not everything figured out but their piece of the pie, that they understand. I recently took a course on Neurology from a Master J. Yuen. He has a resume that is staggering. The […]