• Unlocking sucess

    The clinic is grateful to have won “Best of Kelowna” in the Health Practitioner category.

    What gets us there? Many, many things.

    Without people willing to spend their time to vote, nothing happens and I thank you.

    What gets them to vote? The likely answer is they where helped at the clinic. For those that know me, they can wonder how that happens.

    What makes that happen is: first a partner that really does a lot of the heavy lifting to allow me to do the easy stuff. Without Heather this clinic would just not go. We also have some behind the scenes people that do their part, from our Web and Print people, Alex and Mark. Our tech guy, Grant. Our Accountant, Peter, Amrit and their team and without my teacher Elisabeth I would be fumbling in the dark ages still.

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  • Daddy Daughter Day

    Last summer I took Mondays off to spend them with my daughter. This year I am trying Fridays. Running my own business it’s tough to take a day off. Many things from a work perspective don’t get done.

    However as all the parents say, “good for you Ward”.  Which is very nice of them.

    It is amazing how quickly my daughter seems to be growing up. On a recent trip we where doing a ‘rope’s course’. We are 60 feet up in the trees climbing and zipping from tree to tree and she wants to go first. We thought wow, two years ago when we did this she was shaking she was so scared, and now she’s leading the way. (and we where shaking…)

    We plan something every Friday and just the two of us go do it. Sometimes it is all fun and sometimes there is work involved with the yard or other jobs. We seem to like it and we seem to get to know other aspects of each other.

    I am fortunate I can take the day off and do this with her, as at the moment she is still excited to spend the day with me. Hopefully that will last for a few more years at least.

    I have read quite a few parenting books, none have many answers. Several have good ideas. I find that the more time I spend with her the more she trains me on what to do.


  • 15 years and still going

    Well April 1st was All Body Care’s 15th year anniversary (we opened April 1, 2001), no joke. I started working on people in 1996 and Heather started in 1993.

    I would say it seemed like yesterday but it doesn’t. The memories, stories and experiences we have had in the last 20 years is really amazing. Some great successes and failures, some wonderful people and great times.

    Interestingly this year I am studying as much as when I was writing my licensing exams. Heather and I still find it so interesting and so many challenges we don’t have clear answers for. It’s good and bad. It’s good that we have so much to learn and I feel bad for the people I don’t have the answers for. Luckily I have a good Rolodex of other great practitioners in town.

    I find it really interesting/funny/disturbing how I have been around long enough to see trends recirculating. It’s not just in fashion, it’s in the health field also. This year it’s all about the gut microbiome. Which I studied in my Red Seal Chef days.  We called it ‘gut flora and fauna’ but it’s the same thing. I am enjoying seeing the progress in the field vs what we knew in 1987.

    I am enjoying seeing people I treated for fertility, now I am treating a couple of those baby’s as adults. I think I may be getting a bit old, just a bit.

    I think the first tips I learned in the health game are just a useful today as they were in the ’90’s. Eat regular, don’t work, read or run around when you eat, chew your food, have some friends, get 8 hours a night in bed, make time for you, this is not a dress rehearsal this is the game. Make memories with people you like.

    Anyway, thank you all so very much. Without the great people that have let us be part of their healing journey I’d still be working on a cruise ship. Which was not all bad either…. Let’s see how the next 15 years go.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies


  • Thing Grandma did right.

    My lovely Grandma is 95, on June 3rd she will be 96. She was born in 1919, just think of the changes she has seen in her life time. How did she get this old in such good shape? She did some things right and some things could have been better. I want to talk about that in the hopes we can have a life as full and beautiful as she has.

    She grew up in a small town, worked in the city for a bit during the war. Then met Grandpa and moved to the middle of nowhere. A place close to Antelope Sk. They had a mixed farm for many years. Life sounded very simple, sun comes up, get up and work. Sun goes down, go to bed, then repeat.

    But they had a dance at their barn in the warmer months, and there where the working party’s that went farm to farm to help with the larger projects. Food was simple, work was hard, friends where fantastic. Even now, most of her friends are gone but the children and grandchildren stop into where she lives and check in on her. It is really fantastic for them to do that.

    They retired and lived in Swift Current for the last 40 years. A lovely town full of farmers and recently some oil workers. They did some traveling, worked a bunch organizing the local co-op and some other charities. Met friends and socialized.

    At 93 my Grandpa passes away. He had a very interesting life, his dad died when he was 13 and he left school to help on the farm. At 15-16 he was riding the trains as a hobo finding work in Alberta (even back then everyone goes to AB to work) sending the money home. He was the first man in Canada on dialysis. He was crushed by a tractor and his kidney failed. Luckily he recovered. He had cancer a few times, some wild farming accidents but all the time a true gentleman. Always wore a jacket and tie in town and tipped his hat to all.

    After Grandpa died Grandma’s coping skills fell apart. She mostly stays in her room and just sits. We do our best to get her out and socializing but she is so so at it. As you age you need a plan when someone dies before you. You need to develop interests and hobbies, social circles long before you “need” them.

    I was lucky on both sides of my family I had the perfect Grandparents. They taught my brother and I all sorts of interesting things. Showed us love and discipline and an example of how to behave (not always followed). I miss them dearly and I hope you can be that kind of Grandparent to your grand-kids.

    While I can still enjoy my Grandma we travel to see her when we can and phone often. She always thanks me for calling saying how enjoyable it is. I always say it is my pleasure to hear her.

    Have you called your Grandparents lately?
    Ward Willison
    Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies

  • Highly sensitive people “HSP’s”

    I read this book called “Highly sensitive people” and it brought a interesting point to mind. Think of spicy food, some people can handle a lot and other (more normal people) can handle a little. It is the same with social stimulation.

    You have people that can meet anyone anywhere, they are just ‘out there’ open to all things, they jump off buildings with a parachute on. It takes a LOT of stimulation to have them notice.

    Then you have people that a car backfires and they freak out, the thought of public speaking, making a phone call, a ‘minor’ injury, it just sends them into a coma. They need a little stimulation to max them out.

    It is important to realize which you are and in what circumstances you are that way. For me I hate (and that is not a strong enough word) to make phone calls. But as many know I am into Martial Arts and to hop in a ring and have a sparring match with a 250# man is not a problem.

    Where you identify your sensitive area’s develop strategy’s to cope and improve your ability to handle those situations. Or do you need to be in those situations at all?

    In our “Red Bull” society where extreme stuff is thought to be normal, it can be a tough place for someone that is highly sensitive. Just look around and you will find others that are like you. Study’s say 20% of people are HSP’s and they desperately want to meet you also.

    Notice the person you are, embrace the person you are and develop strategy’s to deal with areas of high stress. Need some help with that, give me a call.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies



  • Nominated for “Best Healer in Kelowna”

    Recently a friend told me I was nominated for ‘best healer in Kelowna’ from a local web site. I thought she was kidding so I went and checked and sure enough there I was. I don’t know how I got on that list but somehow I did. I put out a FB post asking for people to go and vote for me. The response I got to that was absolutely amazing!

    I am so grateful to the many kind replies and messages related to our practice at All Body Care and this contest. Which is really a marketing ploy by the web site, slash, popularity contest. As the best healer is the one that makes you better.

    Still it was very nice of all of you to take a moment and vote. I won’t know for several weeks how it all ended.

    Someone said, “we won’t be able to live with you if you win, your head will explode.” I doubt that, as I still struggle with certain conditions. I figure if I am lucky I will learn a few percent of the total knowledge of Oriental Medicine. It’s very humbling to realize the best I can do is take a teacup to the ocean, but maybe I can get another tea cup.

    Thank you all very, very much. It really means a lot to me.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies

  • Why we do it and what we get.

    As some of you know I am off to sail across that Caribbean Sea, in a 47′ sailboat. I was lucky enough to do it last year also. It’s about 500 miles of open water. I know some sailors will say it’s not open because it’s a Sea not an Ocean, try to swim it then.

    While I fully expect to make it safely there is always the possibility of something going wrong. Like last time we had Storm winds (50+Knots) for a while and things started breaking and it got a little tense but we knew what to do and it all worked out fabulously.

    Why do we go, well the boat needs to be moved. More than that it’s a great time to bond with the other sailors, Out there you really ‘have each others back’ as there is no other option. We hope and look at weather forecasts to have a safe and un-eventfull passage and sometimes it actually works out that way. One trip I did was a 15 day ship passage across the Atlantic and it was sunny and flat water the whole way.

    I have taken a lot of sailing courses and have done a bunch of sailing. Another reason to go is to see how the training holds up in the real wold. The better I get, the safer my family is when we go out alone.

    What I get from these trips is the understanding of myself under conditions where there is no “time-outs”. I am interested to know what I will do when things are going well and when things need to go well. From that it helps me understand where others are at.

    Also I get a nice tan, some good food, awesome sunsets and a bunch of laughs with some great people.

    My favorite quote translated is: “A ship is safe in port, but that is not what a ship was built for.”

    I will let you know how it goes.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies

  • Let the blogs begin!

    This is my venue to put out my thoughts on several topics.
    Most of the time it will be related to health but today it is about thanks. I want to thank the people that got me this beautiful web-site. I am great at acupuncture and Oriental Medicine but web-sites, facebook, LinkedIn and all of that stuff is out of my scope. Luckily I have a brother who built this site and I think it is great. My friends at http://www.makbiz.ca have done an immense job of pushing, prodding and carrying me into the 20th century of how to run a business. Soon they will get me into the 21st century, and I thank them also for that. I am also grateful to the wonderful people that have entered our clinic over the years. Trusting All Body Care with their health.

    When I started in 1996 I never looked forward to what I expected. I just was so interested in how Natural Therapies got me well. I wanted to take every course, train with every expert and read all the books. Amazingly to me I still feel the same way today.

    I imagine over the years to come I will cover all kinds of topics, if you would like me to write on something just send me an email and I will get to it.

    Thanks to you all.