• A month in Europe

    Then we saw Europe, well Funchal, Madeira to be exact. After 15 days at sea any land was a welcome sight. That was 21 years ago. I spent two summers working on a cruise ship going all over Europe, did over 100 tours and saw a lot of countries. Fast forward to my brother getting… (Read More)

  • My AMAZING Daughter

    Heather and I took our 12 year old daughter to an “Accelerated Learning Course”, called “PhotoReading – Whole Mind System” and she ROCKED IT!! I was worried on so many levels, the class was a $1000 each. It was filled with PhD, engineers, business owners….  from 9am to 9pm, 3 days. I emailed the facilitator… (Read More)

  • Me and Tai Chi

    I like Tai Chi, you know that slow moving stuff you see ‘old’ people doing in the park in China town? I recently came back from a big workshop in Toronto the 20 year anniversary of the passing of the Master of our style. Mr. Moy Lin-Shin. It was my opportunity to see all the… (Read More)

  • Coach-ability

    Did a North U sailing trim and tactics course this weekend. 60+ participants, 30 volunteers, 20 boats and perfect weather (a miracle for our lake). We had 5 famous sailing coaches fly in from around the USA and Canada and they put it too us. It was great for a few reasons. Our boat won… (Read More)

  • Unlocking sucess

    The clinic is grateful to have won “Best of Kelowna” in the Health Practitioner category. What gets us there? Many, many things. Without people willing to spend their time to vote, nothing happens and I thank you. What gets them to vote? The likely answer is they where helped at the clinic. For those that… (Read More)

  • Daddy Daughter Day

    Last summer I took Mondays off to spend them with my daughter. This year I am trying Fridays. Running my own business it’s tough to take a day off. Many things from a work perspective don’t get done. However as all the parents say, “good for you Ward”.  Which is very nice of them. It… (Read More)

  • 15 years and still going

    Well April 1st was All Body Care’s 15th year anniversary (we opened April 1, 2001), no joke. I started working on people in 1996 and Heather started in 1993. I would say it seemed like yesterday but it doesn’t. The memories, stories and experiences we have had in the last 20 years is really amazing.… (Read More)