• My AMAZING Daughter

    Heather and I took our 12 year old daughter to an “Accelerated Learning Course”, called “PhotoReading – Whole Mind System” and she ROCKED IT!! I was worried on so many levels, the class was a $1000 each. It was filled with PhD, engineers, business owners….  from 9am to 9pm, 3 days. I emailed the facilitator […]

  • Food tests

    Well Food Sensitivity tests (IgG) hit the news recently. May have been a slow news day, may have been someone trying to stop thousands of people from loosing their minds over what they can or can not eat. note * I am not a fan of IgG tests. That is just my opinion. Restricting certain […]

  • Need more sleep?

    I saw a flyers for back to school so I figured it was time to put this up. If you want a lovely child, get them more sleep! If you want a super lovely child, get them a bit more sleep! This of course goes for you also. So many health challenges I see every […]

  • Interstitium, your newest organ

    The Interstitium is not designated as an organ yet, but it may become the 80th organ in our bodies. If so it would be the third major “discovery” in the last 5 years. First was the discovery that there is lymph system in the brain. The mention of lymph in the brain for years and […]

  • Me and Tai Chi

    I like Tai Chi, you know that slow moving stuff you see ‘old’ people doing in the park in China town? I recently came back from a big workshop in Toronto the 20 year anniversary of the passing of the Master of our style. Mr. Moy Lin-Shin. It was my opportunity to see all the […]