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    Passing of a great man

    If someone has taught you, counseled you, mentored you, gave you a hand up when you needed it. Go thank them! Giovanni Maciocia is likely the most published English author of Chinese medicine (TCM) books in the world. He passed away last week. As for theory he is the most influential teacher I will ever… (Read More)

  • Time and Healing

    Over the years I have seen several thousand types of injury’s. Some are easily healed and others are not going to be healed completely. I think all things can be improved and with time and direction amazing things can happen. The challenge comes in how long do you give a person to help you? I… (Read More)

  • Wait till they are thirty.

    When your children are thirty talk (read complain) to them about how tough your childhood was. You will likely get an interesting feedback from your kids, like “well you did that to us.” You will sit there with your mouth open saying something like, “but you don’t understand I had this, that and those reasons.”… (Read More)