• Kids getting ‘pinned’

    Had a great week at work. I treated several children and one 6 year old girl wanted to get pinned, just like her 8 year old brother. I said sure.

    The youngest client I ever had was 6 weeks old. She had a very bad case of ‘colic’ and all attempts had not worked so the whole family showed up to see what I could do. The baby was sleeping and the treatment called for me to put 4 needles into each hand, one between each knuckle.

    I could feel the tension of the parents, especially the Grandmother, I was convinced she would KILL me if that kid cried. But as some of us know children have a fantastic pain tolerance and done well acupuncture is normally painless.

    With Grandma clutching her purse ready to hit me I inserted the first pin, the baby gurgled a bit and stayed asleep. The sighs of relief from the family was fairly amusing.

    I know most of us are sure acupuncture will hurt a lot and depending on who does it to you, you may be correct. At last count I have put in about 1.2 million needles and so far so good.

    Of course the clinic has many ‘non-needle’ treatments for people that are not able to overcome the fear and sometimes acupuncture is not the way to go.

    But it sure is neat to see a little girl come in and ask for it, then fall asleep and once the treatment is over say to her mom how great she feels. That’s a good week at work.

    Thank you for reading,
    Be Well,
    Ward Willison