• The Power of Downtime

    Know any workaholics? Likely you can look in the mirror and there you are. If not you can read on to find out a bit about the inner working of one.

    For many of us we no longer go out into the wilds and kill supper, drag it back to the shack and cook it up. To compensate we WORK ALL THE TIME!

    I have a fantastic true story of what can happen with too much work and not enough rest.

    I had the pleasure of knowing a SEAL (think James Bond on steroids) for several years and I asked him about the training to get into the elite unit. He told me of how they would run thru the hills for 17 miles with 70 pounds of rocks in their backpack. One run him and his partner where “blasting along” the dirt road when a “little old lady with a cane passed us”. He at that point realized his “blistering pace” was actually a slow walk.

    They were so tired they lost their perception of reality and that’s the big point of this story.

    The power of downtime is just that, a time to re-charge, re-vitalize, re-prioritize and all the other good words. There is a great book on this topic called “The Power of Full Engagement” available at your local library or there are several youtube video’s on it.

    It’s like Mikey says, ‘Try it you’ll like it’. You can start small, say 15 minutes one time a week. Just sit, relax, get a enjoyable book, look at the scenery and have a cup of tea. Our family just returned from a week of sailing in the BC Gulf Islands and I can tell you it was fabulous. No phones, heck no power, just us and nature a bit of rain and the occasional hot tub at a marina (okay some power is a good thing).

    There is a famous story in the acupuncture world of how the big benefit Western people get is they have to stay still while the needles are in and that is a miracle.

    Thank you for reading,
    Be Well,
    Ward Willison