• Tools in the tool box.

    There are never enough tools in a persons tool box. Ask any man. In the CAM business it is somewhat like that also.

    When I first started in 1996 I was taking two courses a month for several years. I pounded so much new information into my head I thought it would explode some days. But each new course seemed to be the one that would solve a frozen shoulder, and the next would get rid of allergy’s and the next….it never ends

    Heather has taken up tuning forks for working on people. My teacher started using them about 4 years ago and loves them.

    My only experience with them was at a course in Langley in 1996. I went early to get a ‘balance’ from the teacher to see if I thought she was any good, (like I would have know back then). She had these big tuning forks and I asked what they where for. I laughed when she told me. So she took two of them, I laid down on the table and she ‘rang’ them and touched them to my stomach. I SWEAR it felt like someone put their hand inside my abdomen and massaged my insides.

    In all the years I have been doing this it still is one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me. To top it off my stomach never felt better after that.

    Come on down and let Heather give that a try on you, she does not have that specific set of forks but I am sure you will enjoy some sound vibration.

    thank you for reading
    Be Well
    Ward Willison