• Loss of a friend

    I started in Complementary & Alternative Therapies (CAM) in 1996 with a cowboy and his partner. We worked the rodeo circuit in Alberta. Putting real cowboy’s back together after they fell off a horse or got stepped on by a bull.

    I did two six month stints with them and got tired of all the travel. I asked if they knew someone in Kelowna and that’s how I met my second teacher. Let’s call him Jon.

    I spent the next 3-4 years working and learning from him. We spent hundreds and hundreds of hours together traveling to clinics and working on people. I took several courses from him and watched him work with hundreds of people and groups of people.

    I have often told people he was the best I had ever seen run a group session of people. His ability to work with people’s emotions was incredible. He helped thousand and thousands of people.

    Last weekend he died, not of old age.

    It is an amazingly common thing. Ever since I started working in CAM I have noticed how many fantastic healers are not that healthy. I have seen so many go early.

    I think two things contribute to it. One is to be really good at CAM you have to look at things differently than most people and that requires some sort of trauma. There is nothing like a big trauma to wake someone up and change them forever. The other is at some point they starts to believe their own BS (Beautiful Statements).

    When a person starts to believe their own BS their life will go downhill. They start to ignore parts of their lives that need attention. They stop going to other natural healers, or working out, or eating what they should or doing what they should for their own health requirements. Because remember they likely have had some trauma that would demolish most of us. Meaning they got their own problems that need looking after, and when they don’t it can go really bad.

    I have my ideas about what happened to my friend, Jon. We sort of separated a few years ago, loosing touch with each other. He has always been in my thoughts and in my treatments to my clients. I still regard him as one of the very best at his slice of the health pie.

    How does this apply to you and me? Well if you are believing your own BS it is time to go see someone. Your GP, shrink, counselor, friend, Acupuncture guy, chiro, physio, massage, personal trainer, someone….

    It is much easier to stay healthy than to get healthy. If you are not getting results where you are, MOVE to someone else. If your practitioner says it will take a year or two it is definitely time to get another opinion. Or if they say come 2-3 times a week for months, it is also time to reach out and get another opinion.

    We lost a great man who had a very difficult life and still contributed immensely to many lives, mine is one of them. I will cherish the good memories I have of him.

    Thank you for reading,
    Be Well,
    Ward Willison