• Let the blogs begin!

    This is my venue to put out my thoughts on several topics.
    Most of the time it will be related to health but today it is about thanks. I want to thank the people that got me this beautiful web-site. I am great at acupuncture and Oriental Medicine but web-sites, facebook, LinkedIn and all of that stuff is out of my scope. Luckily I have a brother who built this site and I think it is great. My friends at http://www.makbiz.ca have done an immense job of pushing, prodding and carrying me into the 20th century of how to run a business. Soon they will get me into the 21st century, and I thank them also for that. I am also grateful to the wonderful people that have entered our clinic over the years. Trusting All Body Care with their health.

    When I started in 1996 I never looked forward to what I expected. I just was so interested in how Natural Therapies got me well. I wanted to take every course, train with every expert and read all the books. Amazingly to me I still feel the same way today.

    I imagine over the years to come I will cover all kinds of topics, if you would like me to write on something just send me an email and I will get to it.

    Thanks to you all.