• On the radio

    I recently did a NPR national radio interview with Ezreena Scott  a local trauma therapist. It was my first radio gig. You can listen to it here.

    Ezreena did a great job and I learned a lot by doing it. Radio time goes fast and then it’s gone.

    I would like to have said so much more on the subject, so I will touch on it here.

    We all have trauma, individually our personal trauma can be a 10 out of a 10. If you compare traumas from person to person, yours might not seem so bad in comparison. But only in comparison, personally if you think your broken leg is a 10 out of 10, then it is, for now anyway.

    If you compare your broken leg to watching your family die in a house fire, your broken leg may seem less important in that moment. But if you just reflected on your leg it can re-emerge at the 10 level.

    I think everyone would be well served by seeing a therapist from time to time. For trauma, life goals, mental thoughts, depression, anxiety, shyness, feelings of isolation…. lots of things.

    The more time people spend in “modern” culture of cellphones etc, the more trauma they will possess.

    Why is that? Well when I was a kid there was a BIG newspaper called the “Sunday edition of the New York Times”. It was said that one newspaper issue had more information in it than my Great-Grandad was exposed to in his whole life. True or not I don’t know but an interesting statement.

    When you consider in a day my child can be exposed to ANY information in the world. Much of it is not good, even trauma inducing. And yet all statistic show the world is safer, less poverty, longer lives, more conveniences. What is going on.

    Trauma is good business. The famous newspaper adage, “if it bleeds, it leads”. Meaning put the worst stories first and lets get people’s adrenaline (fear) going. We are hardwired to respond to stress inducing things. The response they want is you read, watch or listen all the way for their advertisements to sell you something.

    How does Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture help? I could have said more about this on the radio show, but…

    Psychology in Asia is incredibly different than what we are used to, so if you go on to get a PhD. in Asian psych study’s you may disagree with me but I’ll wait for your phone call. Until then,

    Emotions are related to organ functions. An example is Fear is from the Kidneys. How’s that work? Well the kidneys and adrenal glands are related and if you have fear, you have some secretions from the adrenal glands. Of course all organs are involved, your eyes see it, your ears hear it, your skin can feel it, etc.

    Continuing with Fear and somewhat anxiety. If you have lots of it your Kidneys can be in overdrive, under drive, or just not working correctly in relation to your body.

    In my medicine there are other organ relationships that can nourish, restrain and contain the Kidneys. That would affect a persons anxiety levels, normally lowering them.

    Most every emotion can work like that.

    The most referrals I get from Medical Doctors is for depression. Which surprised me but I do lots of depression cases because of it, with good results. In depression it can be a few organs that are normally stuck or ‘depressed’. Acupuncture can ‘move’ that stuck-ness and the person feels lighter and finds some places to move internally. With movement the weight of depression is lifted and the person can gain some perspective and often reports recovery.

    Can they feel depressed again? Well I broke my leg, can I break it again? Yes, but I am not going to try to do it, but it may happen. Life is like that, so are emotions.

    Then there is the whole world of Herbal medicines. Think of Grief, which normally affects the Lungs. There are herbal formulas that can strengthen the Lungs and move the emotions of grief (which in reality is a fairly toxic hormonal/chemical secretion).

    There are also other techniques in Oriental Medicine, like Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Tui Na, lifestyle counseling. All of those can help move trauma or other emotional challenges.

    The point I leave you with is. If you can read this and feel you are having a difficult time with trauma (or whatever you label it), you have options, please take one of them. For sure finding a therapy person that is a good fit for you can be tough. Do not give up, search until you find someone or something that helps you in a positive direction.

    This is it, this is your life. It can be enjoyed, it can be fun. I have had my share of trauma and my share of seeing a trauma therapist.

    I really encourage people to check into the therapists experience and training. Most jurisdictions do not require much if any education to be a counselor. Depending on what your trauma is, you may need someone that has a degree in psychology, social work, counseling or other levels of training.

    But often you just need a friend to listen.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Kelowna Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies