Grade 6 camp outs and goals

I admit it, one of my big life goals was fulfilled last week. I got to chaperone my kids Grade 6 school camp out and it was fantastic. Thank you to the SD23 school teachers that made that trip and many before it happen. I am grateful for the amount of time you put into it.

The location, Gardom Lake Camp and it was impressive, weather was awesome and no big injuries and lots of great moments.

I am a fan of goals. Over the years I have made thousands and likely accomplished hundreds.

There are as many ways to make goals, as there are people striving for them. Google it and try a few different ways. I have changed how I do it several times in the last 35 years (ouch that’s a long time).

Now I pick 5 goals a year, generally bigger ones. Break them down into bite size pieces and go about getting them done. Once you have done it for a while it’s fairly straight forward. In the beginning I used to beat myself up a bit for not getting them, or changing them, or…. Now I just work on them and they get done or they don’t.

The one thing I think more people could be aware of is, many of your goals will NOT bring you what you thought.

Many, many times I got what I “wanted” and it sucked in some way or another. It took a lot of years to finally realize I need to pay more attention to how I formulate my goals and when they do or do-not work out. I reflect on how I built that goal and by looking back I can often see the success or flaw in my thinking.

I wrote a blog on ‘debriefing’ it is a similar thought process. What happened, what went right, what went wrong, what lessons did we learn and what if anything would be take forward with us.

Most anything you want is available to you. With Google and YouTube there is likely someone that’s already done “it” and is happy to tell you how they did it. Now there is a cost, and the expensive part is not the money, it’s the time. We only have so much time, money you can get. True it’s not always easy, but you can never recover your time.

I think goal setting and getting must be hard because most people I talk to over the years do not do it. They talk about it, think about it…. but don’t do it.

Start with some small goals, see how the process was for you and go from there. Heck you might just watch your kid catch fresh water shrimp one day. It was AWESOME!

Be Well,
Ward Willison
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