• Simple Christmas

    I was treating a school teacher and she said how stressed the little kids were in the school. That lead us to a conversation that changed me a bit.

    We talked about how adults know the ropes and understand the “policy’s and procedures” of the holidays. But for a little person it’s like asking them to drive a reindeer sleigh, well most of us could not drive a sleigh.

    Some of us actually need another sweater, most of us don’t.

    Most of us actually need some more “together time”. Well likely all of the people I see in my clinic can use more “together time”.

    Have you watched kids at the mall when they go to Santa. It is interesting how many freak out and cry. Then EVERYONE tells the kid to “be a good little boy or girl and take a picture with Santa”.

    What about the child, how are we attending to their feelings, wants, wishes.

    Do we pull them from store to store? They want to look at one more stuffy and we (okay it was me) freaks out and yells. Not my proudest moment. We were late, we had to go, more things to do….. but was it the right thing for a little kid who is trying to “learn the ropes”.

    What ropes was I teaching her, holidays are times to get yelled at for looking at cool stuff in the mall. How we had to hurry to XYZ party and then go rush to the next party.

    I hear at work how this year, the collective WE, are going to slow it down and enjoy the time with family and friends. How are you doing with that?

    Now imagine you are 10 years old, how are they going to do with that?

    Take a breath, take a moment and carve some time out with your family and look at some family photo’s and tell some stories of what each remember about that time. It’s better than a sweater.

    From my family to you and yours,

    We wish you a Very Merry Holiday season.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Kelowna Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies