• The power of slowing down

    I occasionally get to treat someone from a far off place. Sometimes I have even been there. We will start talking about how life is in their country.

    Then I will start to remember how I was there compared to here.

    We really go with our hair straight back in this country, well I normally do and most of the people I see in clinic also do that.

    I think they should turn the power off for 10 hours in this country that would solve everything. I imagine that is how the first generator was built.

    For most of written history, people got more down time. Especially for the eyes. With screens, internet, tv… our poor eyes get used a lot.

    The eyes use a lot of blood to ‘run’. The body puts energy in the blood that we get from air, food and water. But the body needs blood to run the digestive system to get that energy. When you eat and say work, read, watch tv, run around. There just is not enough blood supply to go around and the digestion will get worse.

    Eventually the ‘quality’ of a persons blood will get worse. Well if your ‘fuel’ supply gets worse, so will you. Then we get a ‘auto-immune’ disease of some sort. Which can be challenging to fix, especially when your doctor says “it’s all in your head”.

    Which technically it is! GET MORE REST!!!

    I don’t think it’s all in a persons head, and I don’t think people are wanting diseases. Our culture idolized people that do too much. It is difficult to keep a lid on it. Sometimes our lives sort of take over our time schedule and next thing you know your busy.

    Get your schedule out, block off 30 minutes, once a week to sit around. I am up to a hour. It is REALLY hard at first but now I quite like it. I laze around, wonder around the house. Think about not much. It’s lovely.

    Want to get a perspective on what is really going on in your life, have some new found fun and live longer and better? Give it a try.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Kelowna Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies