• Synvisc related to natural therapies

    A person has no cartilage left in their knee and it hurts. The doctor says you need $400 injections of Synvisc it’s magic.

    You may ask “hey Doc any other more natural approaches?” 

    Well there is the combs of roosters. You say “WHAT!!!”

    Yeah you know the red funny looking thing on the top of a rooster. Lets grind that up and you take some. Would you?

    Well that of course is what Synvisc is made of.(1) You likely thought is was some high tech drug. There are several high tech drug injections, but if you ask around you will find out stuff made from chicken combs works the best, but why does it cost $400 a shot? (that’s another story)

    Being in “natural” therapies I mostly hear from Doctors that foods, herbs, supplements are a waste of time and seldom work. Then they inject a crazy expensive form of hyaluronic acid from the combs of chicken.

    It is getting better, I just had a person in referred by their Doctor this morning, but it is still rare that happens.

    What are other approaches? Specifically for the knee you start with a persons walking patterns. You need to make sure your knee cap is pointing the same direction you are walking, the shoulders and hips are swinging similarly to each other and the feet strike properly and their is a ‘relative muscular tension in the body’. If you don’t fix that, you can do whatever you want but it will still hurt.

    When dealing with people on an individual basis you need to do just that. Look at the person, figure out why their knee blew up. I think Synvisc has a place in treating knees, it is crazy expensive but I have seen it work. However for $13 you can go to your grocery store and get something I have used with people for 20 years, works pretty good.

    There are many examples of pharmacy drugs coming from herbs, vitamins etc. When will we just start with the simple versions and see how that works. Before we rush off to drugs, one day I hope.

    But for know, remember to ask your Doctor for options to prescription drugs and your therapy team to focus on YOU not just the site of pain.

    I would personally take any prescription that was necessary, I would even take chicken combs. It is about working towards wellness in all its forms. All forms of medicine have amazing abilities to help, even chicken combs, how on earth they figured out to use chicken combs. Imagine bringing that idea up to the boss.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Kelowna Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies