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    Tech Stress Loading

    Recently All Body Care had its web site rebuilt and we incorporated on-line bookings. For tech savvy people that likely seems a non-event.

    Tell to a guy who practices something 3000 years old and runs the whole thing from a binder he’s had since grade 11, it was mighty stressful.

    We are very grateful for the great tech people that really did all the work (and continue to correct all the things we blow up).

    Change is a constant, but it does not happen at a “constant” rate. Most people have what I call stress loading events. Everything is going along just fine and then WAM!

    What to do? Take a breath, look around, has the event happened to others? If so, ASK SOMEOME for help and if it makes any sense at all do what they say. That will be the tough part as when you do something new, you start at the “new person” level and that sucks.

    We have this shiny new on-line booking system and as I type my fantastic tech person is working to fix something someone did….(me). I am at a grade 1 level on how to run it, but for the type of clinic we run I need to be at grade 5 level.

    What to do, well I found someone that is at a university level with the program and she’s walking me through it for likely the 10th time. It seems I like to hit the wrong button and it all goes glitch.

    Yes we did pick an “easy” program, and those of you thought I should buy an easier program come and we’ll try some grade 10 Tai Chi and you’ll see what I mean. I think the level of Tai Chi I do is fairly simple but I teach it every week and my class does not agree. They think it is difficult. Ahh the beauty of perspective.

    The answer is to be nice to yourself (myself) while learning, ask for help, realize what they are teaching you is something you likely will not be good at right away. However if you think back to high school, work on incremental increases in skill and you and I will be there in no time.

    Meanwhile if you want to freak me out, book your next appointment online, I get an email about it and I panic that the computer will glitch and all the data will be gone. Hopefully when I hit grade 2 in computers that will pass.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Kelowna Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies