• Should I eat raw food or cooked?

    I get this question every week at work and I have always said eat cook food. As you will get more nutrition inside your body. I made this post to be able to find the two video’s listed a bit lower in the text.

    It is not too hard to show that cooked food will get you more nutrition, but the movement for raw food is strong and I always get push back on it.

    Then I came across Dr. Richard Wrangham, Professor at Harvard University who wrote Catching Fire. It’s a look at how cooking actually made us able to grow into the persons we are today.

    I found a 7 minute video of his main points here and a one hour long video with some great point in it here

    Sure he has opposition to his opinions, but from my many years in nutrition and treating people it makes a lot of sense to me.

    I use raw foods at a treatment and for variety in eating. As some foods taste a lot better raw. But generally when it comes to getting nutrition and calories into us, cooked wins.

    At work I normally say “eat warm, cooked food.” Warm is basically room temperature and up to body temperature.

    As a side note the more you cook foods the easier they are to chew. As humans have been cooking foods for a while now, it would appear our teeth are becoming less robust. Our jaws are getting shorter and our teeth often do not grow in straight anymore and often/always ‘wisdom teeth’ need to be extracted and we have a smaller airway.

    Anthropologists attribute that to easier to chew foods. I found an interesting interview about that here.

    All of these things I am currently studying on how to work with them. I will update via the blog when I make some progress.

    until then,

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Kelowna Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies

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