All Body Care is temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

We (Heather and Ward) are calling everyone that has booked an appointment to cancel that time.

We are calling 1-2 weeks before the appointment.

As there is no definite time that we are reopening, we are recording everyone’s name and when it is safe to reopen, we will call and rebook your appointment.

Ward is going to make and deliver content on our website, Facebook and YouTube pages. Ideas, thoughts, projects, exercises and some of the best lessons he has learned in the last 24 years in practice.

This is a very difficult time in our lives. I encourage you to be kind to yourselves, kind to your family and kind to those you come into contact with.

I can be reached at

Heather and I want to thank all the people still working.

When you go to a business that is still open and working under what I think is a lot of extra pressure, please take a moment to offer a kind word to them.

As many of you know I worked on a ship for many years. In that time I was in several events that could have killed many of us onboard. I learned over the years that keeping functional in the face of extreme pressure is essential, but very hard to do. I have seen men and women firefighters run in to fires that were very dangerous, but the options were none. I talked to so many officers and crew about how they handled it.

The answer was training. They had extensive training and it took over when the event happened.

I don’t know anyone that has training for this Pandemic. Maybe there are some, I don’t know them.

I one asked our Captain what they do when a junior officer starts to panic. He said “we send them to make waffles.” The interesting thing was, that was actually true. The captain said, “I cannot allow panic on a ship, everyone could die. They are sent to do something they know how to do and they become calmer and can start to contribute to the problem.”

I have spent a lot of time over the last 30 years thinking and practicing things to do when times are tough. I am using many of them during this time.

I wish the very best for you, your family, friends and humanity.

Be well.
Ward and Heather Willison

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