• My AMAZING Daughter

    Heather and I took our 12 year old daughter to an “Accelerated Learning Course”, called “PhotoReading – Whole Mind System” and she ROCKED IT!!

    I was worried on so many levels, the class was a $1000 each. It was filled with PhD, engineers, business owners….  from 9am to 9pm, 3 days.

    I emailed the facilitator Millicent and she said “bring her on down”. So we did and magic happened.

    The learning environment they provided was fantastic, my daughter kept saying ‘daddy this is so much better than school’, ‘this class is really fun’.

    We finished dinner and were returning to the class and she was basically running so she did not miss any of it.

    One of the steps in PhotoReading is “Mind Mapping” and I have struggled with it for years and so did a lot of the class. Well not my daughter. She actually taught the class how to do it

    I have to admit it, I thought the instructor was joking (I know bad dad). She hopped up there with the mic, in front of the class and on live streaming video and just showed everyone how to do it. They asked her decently hard questions and she answered them. It was such a proud and awesome moment in my life.

    Over the next day most of the live participants came to her and us and thanked her. Not as a joke but sincerely. She just took it in stride.

    The facilitator’s next gig is teaching PhotoReading to some schools in Jamaica. She got our daughter to do an interview on her experience taking the class and to show all her Mind Maps. The difference it could make is really amazing for those kids down there and to have our kid help in that was another proud moment.

    I will do an article on what PhotoReading is all about later. I found a instructor that would travel here and I can tell you this course is worth every penny.

    I guess I am realizing that luckily my daughter takes after her mother, kind, compassionate, fun and open to trying crazy things I would like to do.

    I hope we can all provide enough space for our kids to show us just what they can accomplish when our ‘adult’ mind does not limit them.

    I was so glad, happy, proud and relieved. My daughter is going to be just fine.

    (please tell me I am not the only worried dad in the world??)

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Kelowna Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies