• Tired? It’s just Fall time

    Why am I so tired, I get a LOT of that in the clinic. Most of it I get in September. Why is that?

    The quick answer is. Have you noticed it is colder? You use more energy to keep warm at 15 degrees than when it is 30 degrees. The energy comes from you, if you did not “make” more then you will have less available for other things. Did you stop doing other things? Likely not. Therefore you feel tired.

    Other reasons have more to do with history. A hundred or more years ago, think about farming. Most of it is done by now. There is a rest before the hard winters. Are you resting more? Again likely not.

    In our modern culture it is just go, go, go. But for a few thousand years most humans in this hemisphere, would be going to bed earlier as before electric lights came around, once it’s dark, it’s bed time. You can only look at each other by coal oil lamp for so long. Or so my Grandpa used to say.

    In Chinese Medicine, fall time is one of coalescing, getting things together. But again in modern times, with out the need to prepare food and other necessities for winter we just keep going.

    What can you do? Watch a season or two of “Alaskan Survival” and head on up north and get back in tune with nature… Or

    Get a bit more to eat, get a bit more rest, put on a jacket. I know you just want to wear shorts for a bit longer, but it’s over. Finish the projects and settle back into the fall routine.

    If you have kids it can be very tempting to have them in something every night, soccer, basketball, music, swimming and our favorite Kung-Fu. Do the world a favor, give them some free time and more sleep.

    This is the season when I start to see the most “illnesses” versus just injuries. It is the natural time for things to wrap up and stop for the winter. Well historically that is.

    Do yourself a favor, take it easy in September and early October and then ramp up a bit for the winter sports and you will be glad you did. Otherwise, I’ll see you soon.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Kelowna Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies