• Interstitium, your newest organ

    The Interstitium is not designated as an organ yet, but it may become the 80th organ in our bodies. If so it would be the third major “discovery” in the last 5 years.

    First was the discovery that there is lymph system in the brain. The mention of lymph in the brain for years and years got you laughed out of medicine.

    Second was the reclassification of the  Mesentery as an organ. It’s all in your guts and does some really cool things.

    The Interstitium has always existed in Asian Medicine (AM), called the “Cou Li” the spaces between organs. It was found in Western Medicine (WM) by using a new way to sample tissue. They took some tissue from a living person and did not desiccate it, (press or dry it out). Then they realized there is a whole bunch of connections and fluid pathways. The more they looked, the more they found. Now they think this “organ” can be 20% of your body’s weight. Which would make it the biggest organ you have.

    I think the important thing from the discovery was the technology they used to find the Interstitium. They used “living” tissue more or less in it’s living state. I think the discovery’s WM would make if they quite doing all this research on animals and studying tissue via autopsy, would revolutionize medicine. You fix people by working with living people, but much of WM was built studying dead people and animals. There is a difference between us and monkeys and rats, maybe small but enough…

    This is what I find amazing. In AM it is well known you can not study how to heal and live longer from studying dead people. Yes you can learn anatomy, well except for lymph in the brain and the Interstitium, which both existed in AM with out doing hundreds of thousands of autopsy. As I climb on my soap box about how in my career the WM people have often laughed at the unscientific nature of AM.

    But in the last 20 years I have seen a HUGE uptake of Acupuncture and other AM modalities, herbs, cupping, tui-na, tai-chi, etc. Most major western fertility clinics have a acupuncturist, last year there were hundreds of USA hospitals that hired acupuncturists and the USA Army is using acupuncture as a first line treatment for pain and PTSD.

    As I climb back down off my soap box I would say with out a defibrillator and a Nurse that knew how to use it I would still be dead. So overall I like WM.

    Western Medicine is looking at the various things the Interstitium does in our body. In Asian Medicine it moves fluids, and in those fluids are all kinds of things. From immune function, nutrition, ‘shock-absorption’, diseases, and even energy.

    What I would like you to think about. WM (and AM and every other medicine) does not even know what is inside our body. Never mind how it all works. When someone (doctor or others) tells you there is nothing you can do, or it’s all in your head, or ???  Smile, and go look somewhere else. I have a study somewhere in my office that says it will be 15 years before the average GP knows the latest medical research.

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    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
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