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    Passing of a great man

    If someone has taught you, counseled you, mentored you, gave you a hand up when you needed it. Go thank them!

    Giovanni Maciocia is likely the most published English author of Chinese medicine (TCM) books in the world. He passed away last week.

    As for theory he is the most influential teacher I will ever have.

    The first TCM book I ever bought was his on tongue diagnosis. I remember in the early days holding it up to people’s mouths to compare the pictures and proudly declaring “you have a damp Spleen”. Only for them to ask what is a damp Spleen and I did not have a clue how to explain it. Now I do thanks to Giovanni.

    Then I got his book on the Foundations of Chinese Medicine and I thought hit the jackpot.

    When he taught courses, they were clear, relevant and fun.

    I started acupuncture long before the internet was a big thing. There was no Amazon to order the latest book. There were no latest books. Giovanni’s books really shaped a generation of practitioners.

    He’d put out a 800 page book every few years. They are amazing to read, the work in them, the clarity, the amount of research was staggering.

    I was lucky to meet him several times and have dinner and lunch with him on occasion. He was much more excited to talk about salsa dancing and paddle boarding than TCM but he did entertain a few of my, likely simple questions.

    One year I took him a picture of a clients tongue and he got super excited. He’d never seen one quite like that and asked if I’d send it to him. My contribution to his book, I was fairly excited.

    His last course I took was on Psychology in Chinese Medicine and it’s amazing. I am doing a US National Radio interview on it with a Clinical Counselor. Translating Chinese into English is tough, but doing it to obscure mental/emotional concepts and getting us to understand it, is something special.

    He was a nice guy, laughed a lot, did not seem to take himself too seriously. Lived all over the world and his name will last for ever in the medicine he loved.

    I will miss him immensely.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Kelowna Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies