• Being the best (or working towards it)

    I was asked how to get good at something.

    I have done some sports and jobs where I was fortunate to get to a high level.  I thought about it and told them hard work, good coach and luck.

    I was watching YouTube vids. I watch a lot of military people who have gone into the private sector. I think they have experienced things that are extreme and have to think and apply principles learned in a very timely manner. Ie. fast or they get shot.

    This pilot came on, you can see his vid here. He gave this great talk about being the best and how he got there.

    Some key points, it is NOT crowded at the top. There is plenty of room up there for you. When you get there you will be surprised how humble, nice and helpful they are.

    The trick is getting better at what you do. Now with the internet you can get access to experts so easily. I was lucky to meet my teacher and have her hold my hand and lead me through into some knowledge. It is soooooo much easier with the internet.

    But you still need to do one thing that the video reminded me of: debrief.

    You need a planning phase 39% of your time, your action phase 58%, and the debrief 3%.

    In the debrief you ask 5 questions: 1. What happened? 2. What went right? 3. What went wrong? 4. Why? 5. Lessons learned?

    Take the lessons learned into your next planning phase. If you do this repetitively you will be the best at most anything you want.

    It is amazing that most of us struggle because of 3% of our time. I learned about the debrief in the first book I read on performance, in 1986 and it really has made a difference.

    It has not stopped some colossal failures in my life but I did take those ‘lessons learned’ into my next planning stage.

    There are other ways be the expert. My other favorite is from Brian Tracy, the great personal development guy. Read a book a month on the topic you are interested in, learn the key points in the book, normally 5-10. Read one book a month for five years and you will be the scholastic expert on that topic.

    If you have a way, or comments on this topic I would love to hear from you. ward@allbodycare.com

    I am very interested in becoming more efficient at what I do. Either way we are going to suffer. We can suffer because we suck at things, or we can suffer in the training to be good at something. The latter has a better outcome.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
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