• Stuart McGill

    I got to spend three days with likely the top low back guy in the world. It was amazing all the photos he has working on every type of top level athlete in the world and with 80 year olds and people injured on the job.

    His last day of work as a Professor is Tuesday and I am sure they will not be able to fill his spot. For all the years I have spent in researching spines I have not come across anyone close to where he is working from.

    Interestingly what he recommend and suggests is not all that hard to do. Keeping you back safe, rehabilitating many back problems seems fairly simple when he says it.

    I think he’s going to focus on private practice and writing more books and do more courses. Likely have some more fun as well. You may never have heard of Dr Stuart McGill but I guarantee his work has touch all of us. From back safety to crazy advanced training for the worlds strongest men.

    He showed us part of the routine he made for GSP. They took a fit guy from the class and he lasted about 25 seconds of standing still while twirling a 4# weight on a rope around his head. GSP does it for 5 min, 1 min rest and repeat that 5x’s. It’s really amazing.

    It was my second time taking his course, I have read all his books as well and I see the differences in clients. I hope this re-immersion in McGill techniques can help a few more of you as well.

    You can see his stuff and several video’s at www.backfitpro.com, or just google his name and there are a few thousand vid’s.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Kelowna Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies