• Building an Olympic athelete

    I was fortunate to work on a medal winning athlete at the Vancouver Olympics. They are in Sochi for this one as well. Being able to talk to that person has been very interesting. The amount of luck, training, pain, dedication and good genes is a combination very few have.

    I get so many kids at work who are hurt from their sports. It’s amazing how hard parents allow kids to be pushed, and how much they pay for it. As anyone knows who has brought their child or young adult in for this I spend a lot of time saying “STOP THE MADNESS”.

    It is true someone is going to win a medal at the Olympics, or the Stanley Cup or whatever but the costs those body’s pay is a lot. Getting really good at a sport requires a whole lot of things to come together, some you can control and many you can not. The biggest limiter to a career, aside from injury, is genetics.

    If you are too small, too tall, too flexible, too much slow twitch muscle, forget it. You can play to a good level but you are only going to get hurt if you try to go pro. Ask me about it next time you are in the clinic,

    I know from experience that this will not stop anyone from continuing their trip to the ‘big leagues’ or their child’s dreams of being #1. All I ask is when they get hurt make sure they understand it is okay to tell you. Now here comes the big part. MAKE SURE THEY GET THAT INJURY FIXED!!!

    If only you could understand how those little injuries at ages 5-14 come back to haunt them at ages 15-22. Young people are so strong, flexible  and want to PLEASE everyone that they lie about how they feel. They want on the ice and will say whatever it takes to do it.

    I am a huge supporter of sports and fitness. I am not a supporter of letting someone drive a child into the ground in the hopes they might be the next big thing. Can’t they just play the game to have some fun?

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies