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Kind Words From Our Clients

Nothing speaks louder than personal experience. Because you may not have experienced our clinic and acupuncture and other natural therapy treatments, we will let a few of our clients speak on our behalf. I hope that in sharing these experiences and results you develop a better feel for the impact Acupuncture and Traditional Asian Medicine can have on your health and the style of our clinic. We also have a book of testimonials at our clinic. has rated All Body Care as a top rated acupuncturist in Kelowna and we are very grateful to the people that did that. You can read what they said about us here.

If you’d like to write a testimonial about a positive experience you’ve had at All Body Care please click here.

At 45 years of age, I started to experience hot flashes and night sweats, so bad that I was waking up 8 times in the night. After 2 treatments with Ward my hot flashes and night sweats are gone. This has lasted over 2 months. I am a new person with all the sleep I am getting.

The acupuncture treatment greatly relieved the pain in my back, neck and shoulders. I could hardly believe the difference in the way I felt after the treatments.

I came to Ward and Heather because I suffered from migraines due to food allergies. I can now enjoy anything I want. He doesn’t just stick a bunch of needles in me. He explains what’s going on in my body and how I can help change it. I get to come in and relax for an hour or so, and come out feeling like a new person. I really like how Ward explains everything he’s doing so I can understand. It’s not a rushed experience neither, he’ll answer any and all questions. I’m glad I decided to give it a try because I tried everything else and finally something that works!

I originally came to All Body Care with stomach problems. I found Ward very straight forward about my treatments and instructions on the best way to improve quickly. Sometimes small changes in attitudes and supplements etc. can make a big difference. I have felt very at ease in talking about my feelings and complaints, I was taken seriously. I am happy to say I’m on my way to better health.

For the past 14 years I have suffered from chronic knee pain. 5 years ago my family doctor told me that both of my knees would need surgery. I didn’t like the idea of being cut open, so I ignored the pain for as long as I could and then started exploring other options. A friend recommended Ward to me. After a few weeks of treatments, my knees feel better than they have for years.

Before coming to All Body Care, I had treatments for a seriously damaged lower back. These treatments included Chiropractor, Physio therapy, Massage, and acupressure. None of these had any significant results, Therefore I was quite sceptical, upon my first visit to All Body Care. By maintaining an open mind, following the exercise program, combined with many strategically placed needles, I must say my back is better today then it has been in years.

I had been suffering with severe pain from trigeminal neuralgia making it very difficult to function. (painful to eat, breath, talk or touch face). I was told by a Neurologist that the only form of treatment was medication for the rest of my life or surgery. After 4 treatments from Ward, the pain has almost completely subsided and I can function normally.

I came here looking for a cure for chronic fatigue and within 4 treatments, was feeling really good. For those who don’t believe in these treatments, try it first and then see how you feel! You will be amazed!

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