• 15 years and still going

    Well April 1st was All Body Care’s 15th year anniversary (we opened April 1, 2001), no joke. I started working on people in 1996 and Heather started in 1993.

    I would say it seemed like yesterday but it doesn’t. The memories, stories and experiences we have had in the last 20 years is really amazing. Some great successes and failures, some wonderful people and great times.

    Interestingly this year I am studying as much as when I was writing my licensing exams. Heather and I still find it so interesting and so many challenges we don’t have clear answers for. It’s good and bad. It’s good that we have so much to learn and I feel bad for the people I don’t have the answers for. Luckily I have a good Rolodex of other great practitioners in town.

    I find it really interesting/funny/disturbing how I have been around long enough to see trends recirculating. It’s not just in fashion, it’s in the health field also. This year it’s all about the gut microbiome. Which I studied in my Red Seal Chef days.  We called it ‘gut flora and fauna’ but it’s the same thing. I am enjoying seeing the progress in the field vs what we knew in 1987.

    I am enjoying seeing people I treated for fertility, now I am treating a couple of those baby’s as adults. I think I may be getting a bit old, just a bit.

    I think the first tips I learned in the health game are just a useful today as they were in the ’90’s. Eat regular, don’t work, read or run around when you eat, chew your food, have some friends, get 8 hours a night in bed, make time for you, this is not a dress rehearsal this is the game. Make memories with people you like.

    Anyway, thank you all so very much. Without the great people that have let us be part of their healing journey I’d still be working on a cruise ship. Which was not all bad either…. Let’s see how the next 15 years go.

    Be Well,
    Ward Willison
    Acupuncture & Other Natural Therapies